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30 January 2012

Hiking: Westwing Mountain

Today I hiked with my favorite park docent, Frank. Cierra had the day off, she stayed home with My Honey. We only saw two dogs on the trail, both were Boxers. It was Frank's first hike on "my" mountain, Westwing.
[Click on photo for a larger image]

We hiked three miles.

Same map, zoomed in a little.

Early in the hike, we met Maya, a five month old Boxer puppy.

Maya had people issues. Too bad My Honey wasn't there for an impromptu puppy training session. It's not so much training the puppy but training the human.

The flowers:



Ledges, rocks and where the wild things grow:


Westwing mountain and scenery from the trail:

Random stuff:

Alligator head rock.

Packrat nest.

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