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01 January 2012

Hiking: Westwing Mountain

Today I took NK (neighbor kid) and Cierra (woof!) for a hike at Westwing Mountain. We walked through the neighborhood for an easy warm up (I ate too many Christmas cookies), to hike from the back side of Westwing Mountain up and around to the front. We also stopped by New River Dam so that NK could see what was back there (not a single drop of water).

[Click on photos to see them enlarged]
Our tracks, 3.2 miles.

NK with Cierra.

I'm wearing my new Asolo's today.

The East side of Westwing, from the Dam.

This rocky road heads downhill in to the desert near the New River Dam.

NK tossed a rock for Cierra and it landed in the bushes, she was retrieving her rock.

Scenery from the trail.

Best hiking dog. Ever.

Up we go.

One of Westwing's ridgelines.

Little Moo eating grass.

Looking down on to New River Dam.

Me and she.

A pincushion cacti in bloom.

The ridgeline again.

Neat rocks.

My pretty girl, coming back down the trail to check on me.

NK looking at one of Westwing's peaks that we've hiked in the past.

Looking down. Someday that cul-de-sac will be filled with homes.

"You Are Here". I hope to continue hiking 2 - 3 times a week in 2012, I may be here often.

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