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28 January 2012

Hiking: Pipeline Canyon Trail, Lake Pleasant

Today Cierra and I hiked Pipeline Canyon Trail at Lake Pleasant. It was a windy day, but warm and beautiful. We've had so little rain that there are no early Spring wildflowers, boo =(
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According to my GPS tracks, we hiked 140.96 miles. Clearly, something went very wrong with the GPS tracks. That's the first time the GPS has ever gone haywire on me.

Realistically, our hike was likely that out and back track, about 4 miles.

We hiked with a leash today *gasp!*
That lovely cow patty on the trail behind Cierra is from the wild burros.

We crossed paths with this snake, literally stepping right over him. It was an uneventful passing. By the time I got my camera out, the snake had its head under the rock.

I think that it's a Desert Striped Whipsnake. I have little fear of snakes, but not enough to pick it up so that I could photograph the head. Sorry folks, this is all you get.

Each week, a little more water fills the canyon.

Nice views from the trail.

The floating bridge, we stop at the bridge and play in the water.

We saw several dogs today, I only photographed one. This dogs owner would throw huge branches and his dog would swim to retrieve them.

Same dog, swimming with her branch.

My shark bait, swimming for fun.

Pretty green grass, a partially fair substitute for no wildflowers.

Views of the trail.

Looking up.

Cierra and I stopped by Wild Horse West for two cheeseburgers to go. We sat on the tailgate of the truck and waited together.

Wild Horse West has been here as long as I can remember. I've always called it "the white bar" though.

A last glimpse of the sunset.

Cierra and her kitty, Suki.

Suki, mean muggin' me for flashing the bright light in her eyes.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're back up and able to enjoy life and all it's gifts once again.

Hundewanderer said...

Thank you Anon, me too!