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07 December 2011

Random Stuff

I bought some random items from a woman who said she was "de-cluttering". I could use a little of that around my house.
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Google is my friend and I looked up this bag, it cost $99 new. I paid $4 for it. When I travel (aka: chase helicopters), I put everything in a large suitcase that stays in the truck and then carry what I'll need for a few days in a smaller bag that includes my stuff and my dogs stuff. This bag is the perfect size and it's squishy. When I looked at it, I knew I could remove the red lettering.

Admittedly, I looked at this and thought "ugh". Fortunately, it only took me about 10 minutes to remove all the lettering. Goodbye Cagnoni, you're mine now.

All gone = happy.

This is Lakota, she belongs to a friend.

Lakota is a working dog, but has her snuggly moments.

Not snuggly. "Play with me!".

She loves her nylabone.

Really, really loves her nylabone.

And her frisbee.

Enjoying a bright, sun shiny day.

Cierra, you have a duck tail on your shoulders.

"I do not have a duck tail."

Happy girl.

That's her "play with me" tail swishing in the grass.

Our lone kitten, Suki, playing in the water.

I'm a good little internet shopper and I ordered a new pair of Asolo's (hiking boots) for $99! YAY!!!

New + old. I've had the blue pair since 2009, I liked them so much I decided to replace them with another pair of Asolo's.

I seem to have a thing about kicking rocks.

Yay! New tread! When my kids were little and we tried on new shoes, I'd ask them to try them out and see if the "run faster and jump higher". My son still remembers this method of trying on shoes.

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Anonymous said...

sweet bag! I was going to say..if you couldn't get the red embroidery off you could always put a wicked looking patch, say of a GSD on it!

Great job on the boots they look great!