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30 December 2011

Hiking: Lake Pleasant

First, I need to whine:  "WHY, BLOGGER, WHY?!".
Blogger made big changes to the way things work behind the scenes, so far I'm not amused.    

On to the real reason why we are here:
Today we met Ranger Terry, and about 35 other people, at Lake Pleasant for a hike titled "Exploring A Slot Canyon".

 [Click on photo for a larger image]

The two woofs stayed home with My Honey. 

Our tracks, an out and back hike.  The hike was short, 2.25 miles round trip.

The beginning of our hike. 
At the meeting location, almost ready to go.
The only photo I got of Ranger Terry. 

Off we go...

My son being snarky.

Looking down in to the slot canyon we'll be hiking through.

A small riparian area (where the yellow trees are).  Next time I hike here, I'll explore the riparian area. 

Scenery along the trail. 

Our descension to the wash and slot canyon.

I don't mind a leisurely hike, but this group was so large it was really slow going.

Neat rocks.

My son, the billy goat.

Looking up.

Looking up.

Tree roots.

Looking up :)

Determined tree roots. 

I saw a face in this rock. 

Neat rocks.

I look forward to returning to this area when there is running water in the early Spring. 

A small pool of rain water.

My son, James, and his girlfriend. 

Even scraggly tree's need love.

"I feel charming,
Oh, so charming
It's alarming how charming I feel!
And so pretty
That I hardly can believe I'm real."

Views from the trail. 

James and Gen. 

I found a holey rock. 

Neat rocks. 

Looking up ahead in to the slot canyon.

Hikers of all ages were on today's hike. 

More neat rocks :)

My son, the billy goat, and cholla cactus.

Off in the distance, I could see a hole in the hills.

These photos were taken by my son.  Until I can get blogger's new format to play nice, the photos will remain out of order.  This is the beginning of the hike, me and my Camelbak.   



Me :)

A saguaro on the edge. 

Another cactus on the edge, I'm not sure if this is a young saguaro or a barrel cactus. 

The end of the hike. 

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