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03 November 2011

Hiking: Cave Creek Regional Park

Today Cierra and I hiked a portion of Cave Creek's Overton trail and Go John trail. It was a beautiful day for a hike. This area is beautiful and I plan on doing more hiking here.
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Our trip total was 3.88 miles.

I also searched for one geocache. My GPS and I do not play well together. I went round and round looking for that sucker. It was about 20' from where my GPS said it was.

Plenty of room to park my truck at the Nature Center.

The trailhead for Overton trail.

There were several benches along this hike.

Looking up. It's very dry now. I imagine this area is beautiful when there's water flowing in the creeks and the wildflowers are in bloom.

Ahhh, shade. I think the high temperature today was about 80 - 81.

The geocache was in this area. I took my camelbak off, set everything down: dogs leash, dogs water, camera, etc. I looked and looked for the geocache. The GPS said it was about 20' away from this spot. Laughably, Cierra's rear paw is ON the geocache.

Cierra knows I'm searching for something, so she starts to sniff around.

And sniff around some more.

With the Travel Bug's placed in the geocache, we continue on.

My pretty girl.

A cool looking rock is a great place for a photo opp.

And another cool rock, more photos.

Good morning sunshine.

A horseback rider passed us.

Good morning sunshine, again.

And this is a... um... I'll get back to you with that information.

A trampoline, a trampoline! Ok, not really. This covers a former mine shaft.

More cool rocks, no dog this time.

The truck is wayyy over thereee...

Views from the trail.

This is her "have you fainted?" look.

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Joanne Casey said...

Some amazing photos there!