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15 July 2011

Big Guys And Skittish Deer

Brad at KAIB (Hopkins Airfield, Nucla, CO) takes good care of us each day. We took him and his father for a short flight over their home town today.

I accidentally uploaded the photos in backwards order. The internet connection is SO SLOW, I'm going to leave them in backwards order.
[Click on photos to see them enlarged]

They're back. Cierra is getting some love.

Landing in their front yard. Only one of their neighbors drove over to see why they were so lucky as to have a helicopter at their house.

While they were away, I meandered around their farm. I like old tractors. My first set of in-laws had a green tractor, his name was Oliver.

When the helicopter lands, heli-dog has to wait patiently.

City girl finds fruit trees.

I think these are apples.

Away they go.

Brad and his father are big guys.

Helicopter photo opp in their front yard.

N350SB looking a little tipsy.

Each morning on the way to the job site I see deer. This momma deer had two babies.

Boys and girls. PJ laughs when I say "look, there are boy deer!", he corrects me with telling me they are called "bucks".

Momma with her baby. She had two with her, one in front and one behind her.

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