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17 June 2011

Here Kitty, Kitty...

[Click on photos to see them enlarged]
We ordered new tags for Suki and Neko. The tag has a cat face on one side, and our information on the other side. I blacked out our phone numbers, I love you but I don't want you calling me :) I picked a black tag for Neko an a pink tag for Suki.

I spotted this butterfly on my back patio.

I thought it was my lucky day until I realized it was dead. Crispy, in fact. It must be the 110 degree days. This is the underside of the butterfly, she was pretty.

Cierra with Neko. This makes me say "awww...". If you knew the Cierra we brought home four years ago, this picture would make you say "ohhh...". She's an awesome girl.

Cierra keeping an eye on the kittens as they play. Suki is about 95% ok with Cierra, which means that even though Neko is 100% ok with her, her focus remains on that remaining 5%. It's a work in progress and will remain so for a while.

Neko sleeping on Cierra.

I realized that we have dog toys that are larger than the kittens.

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