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13 May 2011

Goodbye Jager

Jager left today. She's going home to So. Dakota with her mom and dad who are now settled in their new home.
[Click on photos to see them enlarged]

Jager's new pack members: Jake and Jules.


With conversations about how to behave like a well mannered dog.

Jager having a look at her new pack members.

Jager's family.

A little bit of leashwork, everyone had their turn.

Jager with her momma. Unlike me, Bri runs, so Jager will be much happier moving at 5 - 10mph than my 3 - 4mph walking pace.

This is our neighbor, and Jager's grandfather, or would that be dogfather? Anyway, he's watching over the fence to see how things are going.

Jager watching Bri's sister who gave her a "down" command while Cierra's relaxing in the grass.

We'll miss you Jager, you've been a challenge and a joy all in one furry bundle.

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