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20 April 2011

Water, Water Everywhere? Not Today.

[Click on photos to see them enlarged]

Our river dried up. So sad. Jager and Cierra were just as happy to run, run, run.

Jager's new friend, "moo".


There's a little bit of water left here.

We wandered around and found more water, yay!

Cierra and Jager.



Big rock. You can see where the water line used to be.

We wandered around some more and found more water, yay!

It's deeper here.

Cierra, my happy girl.

"We hear something".

Cierra see's a cow.

The girls have a conference about the possibility of cow chasing.

Cierra says "no way, we'll get in big trouble".


Jager's rock.

She really wants to bring the largest rocks home.


I like the fuzzy tail on the brown cow.

Cierra found one of our dog toys we lost on a previous visit.

Time to go. A dogs eyes should shine with that kind of joy every day.

A short, unedited video. Jager goes rock diving and Cierra steals her rock. These are the kinds of shenanigans they fight over, just like toddlers.

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