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02 April 2011

Hiking - Lake Pleasant - Pipeline Canyon Trail

I went hiking with the littlest hiking buddies today. As my dad did when I was young, I bribe them with snacks.

[Click on photos to see them enlarged]

The beginning of the trail.

One of my littlest friends, Johnny. I've noticed Johnny is very serious about a few things: legos, star wars, and chewing on plastic.

Spring buds.

Views along the trail.

I think I need to do some off-trail hiking so I can swim down there.

Views along the trail.

Johnny, Emma and their daddy.

Bribe #1: hike to the bridge and we'll sit down and have a snack.

Very few wildflowers this year.


Slimy stuff.

Views from the bridge.

Boys, talking about boy stuff.

Emma, stopping to rest for a moment.
Bribe #2: I have brownies for everyone in the car.

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Unknown said...

Great pictures....I will have to get out there and hike those trails soon....and check for spring flowers:)