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14 March 2011

Jager - Day Two

The girls are getting along well, some minor squabbles, but the big dog (that's me) has enough good guidance to keep things peaceful.

Tomorrow Jager and I are meeting the Schutzhund trainers.

[Click on photos to see them enlarged]

Tug of war. Jager growls when she tugs, Cierra isn't sure what to think of her vocal playmate.

Jager's kennel. We're not using it, it's just here because it's Jager's familiar place. It's large enough for a baby pachyderm.

Jager sleeping at my desk with her duck.

Cierra, resting at the end of my desk. My girl rarely naps.

Later in the day, Jager with her two favorite toys.

Jager is a pretty girl.

We spent some time playing in the garden hose to cool them off. Jager likes to drink the water from the hose but not get her front paws wet, funny girl.


Playing together. Jager reminds me of baby Bambi, she's all legs. I've seen Cierra walk under Jager a couple times, I guess if all else fails, walk under your new friend.

Cierra with the red toy.

Jager drops the ball off by my side so I can throw it.

Not to be left out of the ball throwing, Cierra places her ball on the table for me.

Dinner time, the girls sit and wait with good manners while dinner is being served.

I've noticed a lot of things about Jager, here's a few:
-She is offended at the slightest correction.
-She's very sharp and smart.
-My body language speaks louder than my words.
-She likes it when I sing to her.
-She learns via observation. She watches Cierra then does what she's doing.
-She knows her human grandparents are next door.
-She likes PJ's side of the bed.

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