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12 February 2011

Ride: Sous Terre Photo Day

Le Sous Terre (translation: the underground) was formed a few years ago for like-minded riders to meet and ride. The original founders of Sous Terre have been so busy with other things that the decision was made to let Sous Terre go and move on to other ventures. A few of us met one last time for a short ride under the Sous Terre name. Of course these long-time friends will continue to ride together.

First, I have to give Dale credit for all of the photos posted today. And, for his marvelous creation of the following three photos. Thanks big guy!

[Click on photos to see them enlarged]

PJ & Laura.


Dave & Terri.

The ride. We met at 27255 and took off to ride the far West valley from there.

Almost everyone: Laura, Gary, Dave & Terri. PJ and Dale are incognito.

Pre-ride chit chat. Friends who ride are the most loyal friends.

Gary, getting ready to go (no rush Gary, it'll be a while *snort*).

A few of my favorite things. That's my man, dressed in black.

Gary, Dave & Terri, ready to ride.

Gary, Dave & Terri, still ready to ride :)

Leaving Westwing.

Gary rode sweep and each time he'd see the camera pop up over my shoulder, he'd dodge the photo. Sneaky devil, I got you this time.

Locals: name this street.


Riding three across.

I see you.


Riding way out West.


Dave & Terri.

PJ and Laura (see us yet?).

PJ & Laura (see us now?).

PJ & Laura (see us still?).

Getting closer...


Here we are :)

My Honey. We ate lunch at Raul & Theresa's. It was my first time eating at this restaurant established in 1968.

I had a great day, thanks everyone.

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