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25 January 2011

Hiking - Lake Pleasant, Morgan City Wash

I took the furry girls out for a hike today.

The last time I hiked MCW, I noticed a new trail had been cut. I wanted to see where that trail went. I hiked part of it, and it seemed to meander off in to the desert, but I wanted to stay near the water in the riparian area. It's more enjoyable for the dogs to hike near the water.

[Click on photos to see them enlarged]

The Ocotillo has new green leaves for an early Spring.

A pretty little tree...

...with shade for the dogs.

A neat rock. I'd carry them all home if I could.

A see-through tree.

Cierra, loving the water.

The furry girls head up the trail.

My bestest hiking buddy always waits and watches for me.

Views from the trail.

Cierra, the happiest hiking dog ever.

We've been dog sitting little Melissa for about a month, she'll go home with her daddy soon. She's a sturdy little hiking dog.

Sniff, sniff, sniff...

I usually stop here to get the bandana I wear around my neck wet.

Melissa, a happy little hiking dog.

This picture made me laugh, it looks like Melissa is doing a karate chop with her back paw. I can almost hear her saying "hiiiiiiiiiiii-ya!".

Moo-1 and Moo-2, eating grass.

Interesting rock, side 1.
(Yes, I need to re-paint my fingernails).

Interesting rock, side 2 (very different from side 1).
(Yes, I cut my finger with a dull kitchen knife).

I liked this hollow tree branch.

The rocks inside look like they're going for a fun ride.

Young cattails.

Looking up.

Cierra, relaxing while I sit and enjoy my snack by the stream. The sound of the running water was very peaceful.

My pretty girl.


This tree had little holes all over it.

A holey tree :)

Moo eats grass.

Moolissa eats grass too.

Just keep hiking, just keep hiking, hiking, hiking, hiking.

There are a lot of interesting smells along the hike.

Views from the trail.

There is a wild burro in this photo - up the hill, under the tree. After I took this photo, it was the last I saw of the burro and my dog.

I'll miss you Cierra. Goodbye forever.

Same photo, cropped so you can see the burro.

This is why I carry pliers. This is one of a million cholla needles I had to pull out of my dogs nose, tongue and paws after the burro incident.

The rock I did carry home. I can't leave them ALL out in the wild.

And I did bring my dog home, see? She's right there.

Cholla stickers removed, she's no worse for wear.

Goofy as ever :)

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