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02 November 2010

Colorado, Moving Day

Today was "move the stuff day". We're not really moving, not yet anyway, but we took the time while we are in Colorado to gather everything from storage.

Beautiful blue skies, a lovely day in Colorado.

PJ's new ride, a Uhaul truck.

Ok, fun's over, let's get to work.

PJ has an extensive collection of dog training equipment. We found one of his former German Shepherd's collars and put it on Cierra, it was much too big for my petite girl.

When night fell and Cierra got tired, she made herself a bed on a bag of clothing.

When we put the bags of clothes in the truck, I showed her my giant suitcase and told her she could lay there. She was so tired. The red and green packs are her new dog packs she can carry while hiking.

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