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30 August 2010

Goodbye Inigok

My stay at Inigok camp has come to its close. From here we fly to Deadhorse (Prudhoe Bay) for some additional work with the BLM. It's been a great opportunity to be at Inigok, I've met wonderful people from the BLM, USGS, EIS, ambitious students from various universities and others.

My Honey and I. Our last day in Inigok.

My Honey loves me.

Juergen and Etta, a lovely couple from Germany. They are canoeing and camping along the Colville River.

Juergen, Etta and me.

Me & PJ

A cheesy photo by the Inigok sign.

Me. Camp days are simple days, no make-up here.

A beautiful (and noisy) raven on top of the fuel tank.

31MH landing in the fog. 31mike-hotel is also known as 31my-honey.

Matt and Bill - using battery power to operate the hand held coffee grinder to grind their "Black Gold" coffee beans.

Connie, our hard working camp coordinator, watching the boys grind their coffee beans.

The tundra is changing color for Fall.

Aside from hanging out in cool places, I also do flight following, and I'm playing the unofficial role of helicopter fueler.

My Honey flies high in the sky.

Inigok is getting smaller each day.

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