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12 August 2010

Miscellaneous From Inigok, Alaska

I have a rare moment with a somewhat respectable internet connection, I have so many pictures to post but can only post a select few.
And then there were three. The guest helicopter is a Hughes 500.

This is PJ's helicopter mechanic, Al. He's cool.

When people and their gear come and go from camp, it has to be sorted and weighed, this is about 1,000 pounds of gear.

Caravan pilot JB arrives to pick up the people and their necessary gear.

Casa pilot ? (oops, we didn't meet), hauled the remaining gear from camp.

It's about 1am. I bought some winter gear: flannel lined Carhartt pants and Sorel boots. Yummy warm.

Sunshine! After four days of overcast skies, fog, and rain, this makes me feel like singing "oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day..."

Caribou in camp.

One Caribou is wearing a tracking collar.

Some of the new crew getting ready to fly their gear to their various work sites. I really like the flags on the fuel tank, they are there thanks to Keelan, the Bristow helicopter pilot.

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