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21 June 2010

Weekend Rides

This past weekend there was an event at the Walgreens near the accident site to honor the fallen and the funds raised by the Management team at Walgreens.

The decision was made to remove the bandanas from the "bandana tree", I was a little sad to see them removed, they were such a colorful reminder of those we love.

The bandana tree, and the memorial site.

The Calla Lillies my mom placed at the accident site.

My black bandana in the tree.

Parked at Walgreens.

It's 100+ degrees, we left to get cooled off and get a bite to eat.

A kiddie basketball game sporting my favorite beverage logo (but, look, I'm being good and drinking water!).

At Walgreens, bikes and riders mingle.

An unusual cloud, it looked a little like a heart.

On Sunday Wolf indulged my desire to ride to Screamers in Wickenburg for a burger and chocolate shake.

Coming soon... I am getting this as a tattoo in honor of Dayle and in honor of love, life, and so many other good things.

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