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07 October 2009

Hiking Westwing Mountain

Because I pinky swore to Cierra, I took her for a hike today, I'm guessing we did about 3 miles. I could not ask for a better hiking partner in Cierra, she is awesome.

Westwing's lichen covered rocks.

We've been up that zig-zag trail a time or two. I thought the shadows in the cave made it look like a heart.

Can you see my little billie goat? She's fearless on the rocks, yet she always waits and watches for me.

I've always liked this dished rock.

The only flower I could find on the mountain.

Cierra, over-looking our neighborhood.

I asked Cierra to take my picture but she said something about not having any thumbs... I don't know. Maybe she was telling me I looked hot, dusty, sweaty and my ponytail was askew and it was best not to take my picture.

My dog in a crack.

Looking to see if I'm coming...

Looking West-ish.

It was about 80+ degrees while we hiked. A little warm for her but we carry a lot of drinking water.

Looking North/Northwest-ish.

This is a bad photo but I liked the contrast between the dark and light.

Show-off, she gets to sit down and wait for me to catch up.


Donna Boucher said...

I thought I'd go thru your ipod and I love your taste in music!!!

Hundewanderer said...

Hi Miss Donna, Thank you for visiting. I have several playlists for my website and it changes frequently. My real iPod is stuffed with music, I enjoy music of all different types, variety really is the spice of life :o) hugs from HW.

James King said...

You hike ALLLLL the way up there?! =O

Hundewanderer said...

Yessss... all the way up there... wished you where there too... :o)