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01 April 2009

Hiking at Lake Pleasant, Pipeline Canyon Trail

Squirrels, snakes and gila monsters -- oh my! The snake and gila monster photos are courtesy of Mr. Bosseh-Pants.

Looking down in to the canyon (objects in photo are steeper than they appear)

Lake Pleasant (this photo makes me wish for two things: 1) I wish I owned a Jeep 2) I wish I had a friend with a fishing boat)

The last time I set foot on this bridge was in the Fall and there was no water in the canyon

Look James! There's water here!

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Stacey Olson said...

Laura. first of all, thank you for your wonderful comment and for visiting my blog. Much appreciated. Second. the music you sent me is beautiful! Thanks so Much, but I don't know how to post music unless it is on "playlist" (sad I know) But I will check playlist and see if I can find it there..\

The Bull snake photograph is great.. looks like a big one. I was lucky enough to photograph a rattle snake in full coil last summer. Very thankful at the time for the zoom lens.. Stay safe on those trails, I am sure you faithful friend there keeps the trails clear ahead for you..;-)
Thanks again...