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19 August 2008

More photos from Cali

PJ did a little sightseeing today.
Cierra and I were busy exploring Trinity River near Big Bar.

Of all the places to land...

This lake is from glacier runoff, creating a stunning waterfall

The Lama and the waterfall

7,000' elevation in Northern California

Covert dog at Trinity River near Big Bar

Step 1: Balance camera on rock and set timer
Step 2: Tell dog to 'sitz'
Step 3: Run and grab dog before she gets bored with this and leaves
Step 4: Dog and owner make funny face when camera snaps picture
Step 5: Post goofy picture to web blog

Cierra and I shared this big boulder for a long time enjoying the river,
I wish I could save the sound of the running water, the view, the breeze and the moment

A California wildflower

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